Showing What's Possible

Digital government can cost less and work for the public. Showing what's possible is the first step. Then we spread the word.

In Rhode Island, parents and school administrators saved hundreds of hours on pre-Kindergarten registration thanks to Golden Ticket, a tool made by their fellowship team.

We made the pre-Kindergarten application process electronic so parents only have to fill out one form, even if they entered four lotteries. And we took away all the data entry that the schools had to do, saving 800 hours for parents and administrators. School administrators cried, "woo-hoo!" Not only that — Golden Ticket was included in a federal grant application to expand pre-K offerings, and they won the grant!

— Jeff Maher, 2014 fellow

  • 800

    Hours of parents' and school administrators' time saved

  • $19M

    Federal grant money Rhode Island won to expand from 17 pre-K classrooms to 60 between 2015 and 2019

Civic technologists should work closely with the people they seek to serve. The Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) pays diverse community members to test products designed for them. The program was created by the Smart Chicago Collaborative.

Participation is not quite its own reward, it is a means to shared ownership of public products, services, and spaces.

— Andrea Moed, volunteer lead for the rollout of citizen user testing with OpenOakland

  • 3

    Code for America Brigades with CUTGroups

  • 800

    Chicago residents who tested civic apps with Smart Chicago

Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil

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The Code for America Summit convenes governments, communities, and companies to share experiences, swap ideas on technology practices, and make connections for greater change. The 2014 Summit was the largest yet with more than 850 people from 23 countries.

As Mayor, I'm always looking for best practices and innovative solutions to challenges we face at the local level. At the Code for America Summit, my team and I learned about proven tools and practices for improving government services that we're already implementing in our city.

— Mayor Richard J. Berry, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • 64%

    Increase in Summit attendees from 2013 to 2014

  • 111

    Governments represented from across the United States

  • 15K+

    Tweets sent during Summit reaching 8.37M people

Fellows designed AddressIQ to help the City of Long Beach use data to reduce demands on emergency services.

This is really going to help give a much clearer picture of all the data in all our various systems so that we can be more efficient in trying to address some of these properties.

— Tom Modica, Assistant City Manager, Long Beach, California

  • 10%

    of addresses in Long Beach accounted for 52% of emergency medical calls in 2013

  • 86

    Interviews conducted by the Long Beach team in February

  • 38

    City staff trained to use AddressIQ

Photo by Samuel Lippke