Transitioning Tools and Platforms

Consumer technology gets better and cheaper every day. Government technology can too if cities and counties adopt tools and platforms that are built to move with the times.

From supporting startups to partnering with the Govtech Fund, Code for America is changing the way governments and companies work together.

When we launched the first civic startup accelerator in 2012, most VCs told us no one would apply. We got 235 applications that first year alone. Now, there are hundreds of vibrant new companies providing real value to government and to the public at far lower cost, and VCs are seeing opportunity. The launch of the Govtech Fund in 2014 signals how quickly the government technology startup ecosystem is expanding.

— Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director, Code for America

  • 21

    Number of companies accelerated and incubated by Code for America over the past three years

  • 4

    Number of companies the Govtech Fund invested in during 2014

  • $450B

    Global government IT market

A city’s website should work for its citizens. User-centered, data-driven, iterative practices help governments build digital front doors to their community.

Website visitors are real-life community members with needs that often go unnoticed in the digital landscape. The analytics dashboard Code for America helped us put together was a first step in researching key decision-making metrics with our staff and the public for our new civic web design.

— Mai-Ling Garcia, Online Engagement Manager, Oakland, California

  • 8

    City website redesigns in 2014 inspired by Code for America design principles

  • 1K+

    Number of Oakland residents we surveyed about online access & city government needs

  • 1M+

    Yearly visitors to the City of Oakland's website

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Have some free time and want to fix things that matter? Work on hundreds of civic tech projects from the comfort of home with the Civic Tech Issue Finder.

Now anybody, anywhere, with whatever time they have available, can get involved in the civic technology movement and make a difference.

— Andrew Hyder, Developer Relations Engineer, Code for America

  • 3K

    Projects open to contributions

  • 13K+

    Open GitHub issues

Photo by Molly McLeod

Design, remix, and share your perfect transit map using Transitmix. Created by a team of 2014 fellows, Transitmix is a simple sketching tool for transit agencies and planners. It's now a successful startup.

Public transit is the lifeblood of a city — it determines who has access to which jobs, how a city’s economy grows, and for an increasingly large number of people, it’s their sense of freedom.

— Sam Hashemi, 2014 fellow, Co-founder and CEO of Transitmix

  • 1st

    Transitmix was one of the first two civic tech startups selected for Y Combinator, named the top startup accelerator by Forbes

  • 54K

    Maps created using Transitmix

  • 3.6K

    Cities with Transitmix maps